Custom Costumes

Hiiiiiiiii! Welcome to the Custom Costumes page. You can send in your own costume, with directions on how to make it, through the comments. If you have ideas on how to make a costume, say, Tinkerbell. Just saying! If you went around to different islands in Poptropica (or you can use some pieces from the Store, but don’t copy off the entire costume)  to make a Tinkerbell costume, take a picture from the Poptropica Avatar Studio and send in the link, along with directions in the comments. We’ll put it on this page! And it can just be your own unique design. Make sure to make a cute name for your fabulous creation!

Royal Cinderella

by Quick Sky 😀

Hair: Use the colorizer to get the appropriate hair color. The fluffy hair is from the third lady in the beginning of Mystery Train. However, if you already completed Mystery Train, you can use the Queen from Astro Nights or Prom Queen from the store as a suitable substitute.
Makeup: Again, from the third lady in the beginning of Mystery Train, but any lips work. The blush can be found on Prom Queen, Southern Belle, Pop Star and more in the store.
Outfit/dress: All from the blue Southern Belle in the store. To get white pearls if you wish, go to the B.A.D Bistro on Spy Island and customize the pearls off the lady laughing and talking with the member of B.A.D. (They will still be there even if you have completed the island).

Friend “lalaland9147” for the Royal Cinderella costume.

Everyday Cindy

by Quick Sky 😀 (This is a representation of what Cinderella would look like in her everyday outfit)

Hair: Collect hair pieces from the first girl you see on Counterfeit island (base), the guy outside TV world on Reality TV (side swept hairpiece), and get Aphrodite’s bangs from Mythology island.
The rest of the outfit was collected from the New You store on home island. Simply friend “emberdragon8” for the entire outfit.

Doctor Who

Jacket: From the Vampire Boy from the store. A good substitute if you don’t want to buy it is the guy with Salts on Ghost Story Island. They’re practically the same thing!

Other than that there are no special parts, so all you have to do is friend “doctorwho9147” and costumize this off him. 🙂

Jungkook (k-pop singer)

Hair: Found in the New You shop. It’s pretty common–it’s the one with the green highlights. Use the colorizer to make the rest of the hair color any color you want… he changes his hair color pretty often so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Top: The colorful top that you see can be found on Prom King, and the jacket is from the Biker (in the store).

Accessories: You can find the shades on Vampire Guy (which I got in the store for FREE!) and the microphone came from the Pop Star.

Username: “jungkook54”, so you can friend him if you want the hairpiece without going to the New You shop.

There’s always more coming in! Check this page for new custom costumes. Remember to send in your creation in the comments! 😀

Update: Sorry guys, my computer is glitching and photos of costumes have been taken down. They will be put up later when things work out. In the meantime, I have linked the names of the costumes to the Avatar Studio, so just click the link for a visual description for now! Thanks for understanding as always 🙂