About Poptropicafever

Hello, my name is Quick Sky, and this is the history of Poptropicafever. 🙂


Poptropicafever is a blog for all Poptropicans with the sickness. It means that you have poptropican-obssesion. This is why I always say “may you never be cured of Poptropicafever” at the end of every blog post.

Poptropicafever is just a community blog for me and you guys to share thoughts about Poptropica, including reviews, custom costumes, giveaways, walkthroughs, just plain talking and more!! I hope you guys will grow to love this blog as much as I do! 😀

Anyone is welcome to help me write on this blog. Active, friendly users will be asked to help me run this. You don’t have to, but it would be a lot of help! And this doesn’t even have to be a full-time thing (although full-timers are certainly welcome!)–you can just help me out once or twice, if you’re interested. Anyone who ever helps write this will get their name written on the Poptropicafever Wall of Fame. Get your name on there today!

Like most blogs, this one has a commenting policy. Don’t worry, it’s nothing ridiculous, but I do ask that you read and understand them.

Commenting Policy

1. No profanity of any kind–even if they are spelled in different ways.

2. Stay on-topic–that is, the topic being Poptropica. No spam, but if you have any kind of question, feel free to ask! Spam includes text phrases like “mjdsf” and too many emojis.

3. Please try to use some form of grammar, but you won’t be called out on it if you don’t have perfect sentence-writing. This blog is for all kinds of Poptropicans!

See, that wasn’t so bad! Okay, enough with this.

Have fun, guys, and friend me at “ddf224”. ANY ideas are welcome!

Well, that’s all I have for now. See you next time, fellow Poptropicans, and as always–may you never be cured of Poptropicafever!

-Quick Sky 😀