Is Poptropica changing… for the worse?

Okay, so this blog post is a lot more serious then the ones before–you can tell that just by reading the title! But give me a chance to explain myself.

When Poptropica Worlds was first released, everyone was excited. New animations, new games, new islands, new features. But with these shiny, sparkly items came a lurking disaster… one that not many of us suspected.

In the old Poptropica, everyone got to play the same islands, and members got a few top-quality things, such as a demo after each island to continue the fun. Even when they made 7 islands members-only, I didn’t bat an eye. But when Poptropica Worlds came… well, that’s when the changes came.

First off, you see advertisements for membership EVERYWHERE. Billboards, your closet, while doing home decor. I’ll admit it, not all of the good things have MEMBERSHIP stamped on it with big letters, but most. The colorizer… mostly for members. New, cool color changing outfits… mostly for members. Even the doors for the house that could have who-knows-what in there is members-only! Perhaps they could have a demo room that everyone got so you could, you know, see what this room thing is all about.

Is Poptropica turning into Club Penguin? I feel like I’m seeing that dreaded “Golden Snitch” of Poptropica EVERYWHERE!

Fortunately, not everything is hands-off. But that doesn’t mean that that can’t change! I’m lucky that I live in a country where membership is available to me, but I know many that can’t get membership and all the extra perks it comes with because of where they live.

What do you think? I’ll be posting more on this subject soon. Am I going crazy? Or are they just making membership look a LITTLE bit more tempting? What do you think? Tell me all in the comments down below!

Bad for now! (And may you never be cured of Poptropica fever, blah blah blah 😉

-Quick Sky 😀



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