The Many Adventures of Quick Sky: Spy Island, Chapter 1

Hey guys! So this is something new I’ve started… it’s kind of like a fanfiction/role play thing… that takes you through one of your many Poptropica journeys! Happy Reading! 😀


Chapter 1: The Suspicious Hair-Raising Events

Quick Sky leapt down from her signature yellow blimp. She knew of this island… it was a fashionably troubled one, and she would do anything to make it right again.

And it was clear that something wasn’t right here. As soon as she dropped down, she sensed something above her. Looking up, without a thought she leapt from the side as fast as lightning just as a red laser cut down, making a hole in the sidewalk.

“That would have nearly shorn off my hair!” she gasped. A girl with an enormous red afro grimaced. “That’s to be expected,” she replied.

Before Sky could even ask, she continued. “B.A.D has been determined to make everyone on this island bald!” she cried. “Speaking of hair, how do you like my new do? I got it at the New You shop on Home Island. Oh, if only we had one of those lovely places here… all we have is a dusty old eyeglass store.”

Sky opened her mouth. “Watch out!” she yelled. It was too late. The girl’s lovely red locks were gone. “Oh no!” she cried.

Well, this obviously isn’t the person to tell me the problem on this island. Sky thought. Well, there was nothing to it. She went to the nearest building… which happened to be a “Spy Headquarters.”

As soon as she entered she saw security camera watching, following her. Shuddering, she leapt up the platforms gracefully until she came to big screen with her face on it.

She turned to this person who seemed to be in charge–a man with gray floppy gray hair and a ridiculous black bowtie. “I’m here to help,” she confirmed.

He nodded. “I know, Spy Sky. Director D, pleased to meet you.”

“Spy?” she asked, shaking his hand. He nodded again. “If you could help us spy on B.A.D… help us stop their group from making everyone in Poptropica bald… it would be of great help. Of course, you will need the skill of an expert. This is no one-skull island…”

“Of course!” she replied. “Do you have anything for me?” Director D handed her a Decoder Kit. “You will need it.”

Exiting the building, Quick Sky felt a quick breeze from above and yet again jumped to avoid another red laser. The man with black curls next to her wasn’t so lucky.

Maybe there’s something up there! Some kind of machine shooting the lasers that I can dismantle…

She climbed the walls of the HQ like an expert effortlessly. But on the top there was no machine… only a man crouching down! He said nothing, only handed her a coded message.

Using her Decoder Kit, Sky figured out that the message read “When Doctor Spyglass points to a symbol, choose the one that faces the opposite direction.”

“Spyglass? I bet that’s the eye doctor that lady from before was talking about.” murmured Sky. She looked up for any red lasers and continued her way on right, gathering directions from fellow residents of the island.

Upon meeting Dr. Spyglass, she interrogated him, with no response. Finally she used the message from before. “May… may I have an eye exam, please?” she asked politely.

Dr. Spyglass eyed her. “That’s the first sensible thing you’ve said all day.” he said, finally. “You probably need one anyway.”

She pointed to all the opposite symbols, as directed. After going through more than just a few symbols, she wondered if he would ever stop. Finally, he put down his long cane and studied her.

“I see that Director D has sent you. Meet me in the room upstairs.”

Well, there’s nothing to it then. Quick Sky thought. She went outside and climbed the cold metal ladder. The door at the top was unlocked.

He was waiting inside. “I… I have something that will help you on your mission.”

She waited.

He sighed. “This is the greatest invention of my life…”

“Hang on,” Sky interrupted. “You’re a scientist? I thought you were a spy.”

“I work as a scientist for the spies.” He explained. “Anyway… as I was saying…”

He handed her a camp suit. “It’ll make you invisible.”

“Wow!” she said, turning the cloth over in her hands. “Wow! I’ve… never seen anything like it!” She couldn’t take her eyes off the material. The shifting geometry was mesmerizing, almost disturbing. Of all the islands she had visited, she’d never heard–or seen–of anything quite this amazing.

“Is the Spy Headquarters making you do this? I mean, it’s your invention, right?” she asked. “Do you really want to part with it?”

Dr. Spyglass looked down at his hands. “I think I have to.”


Quick Sky huddled down to make herself as small as possible so she wouldn’t be seen. Of course, she wouldn’t be seen anyway. The Chameleon Suit shifted quietly to adjust to the change of colors as she moved.

Looking up for those deadly red lasers every so often, she walked quickly through the bone-cut cold night towards the Docks.

to be continued…




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